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Please come out and meet us this Sunday for a back to school ice cream party to celebrate the end of Summer. The Chantilly Neighborhood Association will be providing a full ice cream bar with lots of toppings so please stop by the Chantilly Park this Sunday at 4:00 PM!


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For those of you who are interested in the Chantilly on the Green development on Shenandoah Avenue, please feel free to review the most recent site plan attached to this post. We expect there to be at least one more round of revisions to this plan, but this is the most up to date version available.


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Please join us on Wednesday October 31st at 4:30 PM at the dead end of Shenandoah Ave for the 19th annual Maddie Healy Halloween Parade. As usual, we’ll be encouraging all of our neighbors to come dressed in their best Halloween costumes and ready to kick off this year’s trick-or-treating. Families may also sign up to purchase a pizza for dinner at the end of the parade on the front lawn of Watershed Church. Please email Social@ichantilly.org to reserve yours today.


For those neighbors who live on Shenandoah Ave, be sure to have your candy buckets ready as we expect another big turnout!


Halloween 2018 (Black & White)

Below are the notes from the most recent CNA meeting when we had a representative from the Goode Development Corp come and address questions from the Chantilly residents. This was a Q&A and we have the questions and answers summarized below. Please be advised, all responses were from TJ Larsen unless otherwise noted. There was no new information provided regarding the details of the plan beyond what we have already listed on the project details post on this website.


Chantilly Plaza Development:


Guest speaker:  TJ Larsen with Chantilly Plaza Development, speaking on behalf of Goode Development Corporation.  TJ started with a quick summary:


The property is zoned by right, so no approval process is needed.


The planning commission approved 27 d(town home) units.   This project will be a combination of town homes and 3-5 houses, 20-some town homes,extending Chesterfield Rd.


27-30 town homes, not releasing total as there might be shifts.


Q:  Will there be clusters?  A.  Probably 4-5 per building.  They will extend the barrier wall.


A. Price range mid 300K to high 400K, 2-3 bedroom mixed units.


Q:  How will the construction process work?


A.  One big lot. Not phase development.  It is a  tight site.  Part of the site is in the flood plain, but will be addressed where needed.


Q:  This will increase traffic.  Is there approval for that?


A. By right zoning, so no approval is required for building the private road.


Q: Impact to Halloween parties?


A.  Maybe next year.  The amount of traffic will be  negligible.


Q:  What will be the impacts to Shenandoah and Chesterfield having one big U joining the two?  Won’t it increase traffic flow?


Q. Given the increase, would it be feasible to add speed bumps for 40-50 cars?


A. Measurements would have to be taken to determine the need for them. Bay St. is the primary access for emergency vehicles. The criteria for getting a speed bump involve traffic patterns and the measured traffic volume.  We could put monitor up for a traffic count. If new speed bumps could be installed, money would have to be raised to cover the cost.

Q. Previous data for Bascom was 1,400 and upwards. This development will increase the car count for Bascom. Having the increased traffic in and out of Venue apartments, we were supposed to have a traffic light at Seventh and Bascom.  Can it be revisited?


A.  It will depend on amount of traffic volume.


Q. Ten years ago a similar project was proposed on the same site. That proposal was to connect Bay (is this correct or did I mishear the name of the street?) to Independence. Is this project going to add a connection to Independence Blvd.?


A. The size of development may have necessitated the road development. The density for this plan shouldn’t cause an extra huge amount of traffic.


Q. Is there a site plan we can look at?


A.That will be shared at the next meeting.


Mark Sprinkle spoke.  He said that Goode Development offered him $150K for 6K sq. ft. for his Chantilly Corners property, and that they wanted to put a wall around his property.  Someone responded that shared access becomes common right.


  1. With the present road to the right (of Chantilly Corners), what’s going to be there?


  1. That would be Chantilly Lane. That is on the site plan.

Q. What about the floodplain issues, which resulted in the teardown of Cavalier Apartments?

A.With the work on Briar Creek, the property is no longer considered to be in the floodzone.


Someone brought up the proximity of the hotel, considered a nuisance area.  TJ noted the brick wall will be extended for sound buffer,  right, left and toward the creek.

Q. Will an HOA be a part of the future development?


A. The final proposal has not put together yet.  A declaration will be done at a future date.


Q. How does the development square with the master plan for connecting with the greenway?


A. Chesterfield provides the easiest access. So the neighborhood residents will walk through the development to get to the greenway.  TJ said the greenway is being pushed as an amenity for the development, along with grill stations and a dog park.


Q. All residents or just them?


A. For use of the current neighborhood. It will not be closed off.  That will be put in the declaration.


Someone noted it could be used as walkway to school.


Q. Will this massively increase my property value? Will it fit into the general neighborhood aesthetic?


A. The design will be modern farmhouse, maybe. There is no full rendering sets yet, but it will not be Ryan Homes “cookie cutter” houses.  There will be a lot of work with rooflines, turned down on the ends, terraces, and spiral staircases.   So it should fit in with the general aesthetic


There are no set price on homes yet.  The development will stick to the price per sq ft of Chantilly.


Q. When will construction begin?


A. We anticipate lthe beginning stage in late October. With the months of the quarter left, the first of year the start of construction will be underway.


(Another question about flood plain.)  Only one building is affected out of the five by flood plain.  They have contacted insurance agents about this.


Q. Any plans for the hotel across Briar Creek?


A. I hope so, TJ said. Someone said that hotel is the cause for the majority of the creek cleanup work.  TJ said that seeing Independence Blvd from the new homes was a negative, but the brick wall will help.  Installing some “green giants” to mask the hotel was discussed.  No consideration was given to the idea of gating the community.


Someone expressed concern that the development would kill connectivity to the greenway.


Q. Will there be an exit to Chesterfield to make it one way? The going in and out gets tight. Andy Sontag suggested there will be more traffic on Shenandoah than Chesterfield in and out.


A. We have no say in Chesterfield being opened up.


Q. FEMA won’t allow you to extend the wall. You will need to  raise elevation by 4 feet, Mark Sprinkle noted.  With raised elevation in the floodplain, you can’t have runoff to other people’s property.


Q. Where can you go for questions?


A. Rick Winiker is dialed in for floodplain questions.


TJ:  We just raised a site 2 feet, watershed not restricted water flow


Q. Will these townhomes have yard space?


A. around 400 sq ft per unit on house yards are planned


Q. How far back from Independence Blvd and Briar Creek?


A. That will be on the site plan and within setback guidance per the city.


Q. How soon do you expect to begin selling properites?


A.  We expect to start presale in the spring and then expect the project to be completed with 12-18 months from ground breaking.


Q. How long has the CNA Board known about this project?


A. CNA has been involved a couple of weeks, contacted approximately 1-2 months ago. The board wanted to wait until the land purchase deal was closed before making an announcement as many real estate transactions never materialize. Similar to the Chantilly Hall condo deal several years ago.


Q. Has the board retained an attorney to make sure our interests are protected?


A. Not yet, but we can look into that.


Q. Does the road connecting the two streets require city approval?


A. No, this road would be a private road and would not need approval. Effectively this would be a connecting driveway, or a big loop through the development to provide townhome owners access to their garages.


Q. How will the construction equipment access the site?


A. the city has guidelines for clean off areas and restricting traffic. They will have to assess their options and determine the best course of action. Initially, it would appear that Shenandoah, Chesterfield, or access from Independence Blvd would offer the most logical access. To be determined.


Q. How will this project impact the greenway expansion?


A. We’re hoping the project expedites the implementation of the greenway and Goode Development Corp chose this site specifically for its access to the potential greenway and will be advocates for its own development.

Earlier this year, the CNA Board was contacted by a representative the of the Goode Development Corp. regarding the Chantilly Plaza Property located at the dead end of Shenandoah Ave. They informed the board that they were in the process of purchasing this property and expect to close in the month of August. Shortly after, we scheduled a meeting to discuss their plans in more detail to review the impact to our neighborhood.



The current plan is to tear down the existing structure on the property and then build out 27 townhomes, and 5 single family homes. The townhomes will be located on the existing land at the dead end of Shenandoah, but the plans also include extending Chesterfield Ave to back up to a new loop that would connect Chesterfield Ave and Shenandoah Ave through the new development. The 5 new single family homes would be located along this extension of Chesterfield Ave to help maintain the aesthetics of that street. The purpose of this extension is to provide the residents of the townhomes with two access points to the new townhomes and help reduce excessive traffic on Shenandoah Ave.



The townhome plans are projected to be approximately 1,300 – 1,500 sqft with several layout options and will be in the $350,000 price range which would be consistent with the current $250/sqft prices in the Chantilly market. The townhomes will include garage parking options to help keep street parking to a minimum. Please also note, that all properties will be sold outright and will not be available for rent.



In addition to the residential development, Goode Development Corp. is planning to build out amenity space along Briar Creek and will focus on green space, common areas, walking paths, natural areas, a dog run, among other ideas. We feel confident that they are committed to keeping this space usable and in line with the recent ecological sanctuary enhancements and future greenway expansions.



Based on our conversations, it appears that they should not have any zoning issues and would expect construction to being this fall/winter and to be completed by mid-2019, assuming no delays. The team from Goode Development Corp has emphasized to us that they are open to our feedback and would prefer to work with our neighborhood instead of against our neighborhood.



As I expect there to be many questions surrounding this project and many strong opinions, I’ve invited Thomas Goode, of Goode Development Corp., to join us at the upcoming September CNA Neighborhood Meeting on Tuesday 9/11 at 7:ooPM in Watershed Church’s auditorium. Thomas will be a featured speaker and will provide more details on the project as well as field questions and concerns from you. Please plan to attend this timely and important meeting to learn more straight from the source.

Mark your calendars! The 11th annual Chantilly Spring Fling will be held on Saturday, May 19 at 4PM in Chantilly Park, rain or shine. This is the perfect opportunity to come out for some good food, games, live music and to meet your fellow neighbors.


As in years past, the CNA will provide the main course however in true potluck style, each household should bring an additional side and/or dessert large enough to share.


We are still looking for volunteers, so if you are interested please email social@ichantilly.org.


This event is open to all Chantilly neighbors and residents, we simply request you pay your annual household CNA membership online at http://www.ichantilly.org/membership. Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing you this Saturday!


Thank you to our sponsors!

Genevieve Williams Real Estate
Timberline Homes
Midwood Smokehouse
Leaf Burrito
Griffin Waste Services of Charlotte
Carolina Craftsman Construction
Charlotte Party Rentals
Dryden Design Build, LLC
Chip Jetton – Cottingham Chalk Hayes Realtorsevent.

“Envisioning Greenway Expansion at Briar Creek” will be Sunday, April 22 at 2pm


This is a community-wide event hosted by the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association,  Plaza Midwood Merchants, Charlotte EAST, Chantilly Neighborhood Association, Commonwealth-Morningside Neighborhood Association, Merry Oaks Neighborhood Association, Sustain Charlotte and Greenways for Mecklenburg


Originally planned to be complete in 2018, the section of Briar Creek Greenway from Central to Monroe was approved in a bonds measure that won overwhelming support by Mecklenburg County voters in 2008.  Now, the county has delayed funding for the project – greenway planning on this section will not even start until 2023.


Neighborhood groups and foundations are advocating to County Commissioners for a 200-mile connected greenway network to be complete by 2035 – with an immediate goal of completing 9-10 miles of greenways per year – doubling current greenway plans


The event will begin with remarks on a ‘DirtWay’ portion of the planned greenway across from Del’ish on 2801 Central Ave.  After the short walk, the event will continue at Legion Brewing, 1906 Commonwealth Ave, for remarks.  County Commission and City Council members are expected to attend.  The event is family friendly


Images on static displays are available for distribution on request




Want to join us? Here’s how:


WHO:  Greenways for Mecklenburg

WHAT:  Envisioning Greenway Expansion at Briar Creek

WHEN: Sunday, April 22 at 2 p.m.

WHERE:  Attendees are meeting at Deli’sh 2801 Central Ave.


Remarks will be at the end of St George St. (2800 block of Central) – media setup location


Parking at Deli’sh and along Ivey Dr (see attached map)


INFO: http://greenwaysformeck.com/2018/04/briar-creek-greenway-dirtway-event/


Want more info? Contact: Melissa Brokaw





Briar creek Dirtway (1) 4-22-briarcreek-url copy (1)

On Saturday March, 24th the Chantilly Neighborhood Association will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt at Chantilly Park for the children in the neighborhood beginning at 10:30 AM. There is no cost to attend and we will provide the eggs and candy. We would ask that you please bring your own basket to collect the eggs.

Please RSVP to social@ichantilly.org to help with our head count and we’re looking forward to seeing you all at the park!



Earlier today, our board approved the support of the expansion and funding of the Mecklenburg Greenway System. An email was sent out to the various BOCC Members with the specifics of this request. For your reference, please find the letter attached this post for more specifics on our request to the county.

2018.01.25 CNA lter to BOCC re Parks

Dear Neighbors,


The holiday season is quickly approaching and we would love to begin a holiday tradition with all of you!


Please join us in celebrating this (And hopefully every) holiday season by lining our neighborhood with candle luminaries! Help us “light the way for Santa and his sleigh” on Saturday, December 16, 2017, starting at 6:00pm and transform our neighborhood into a beautiful winter village!


The luminaries consist of a small candle placed in 2-3 inches of sand inside a white paper bag. Fold the top of the bag down slightly before lighting.


Participating families line the street in front of their house and if desired, their driveways and walkways, too! The luminaries are placed 3 feet apart and everyone lights their candles at 6:00pm. We should have (Weather permitting) several hours to enjoy the impressive sight.


If you will not be home to light your candles, but you wish to participate, a neighbor can light your candles for you! Just let us (or your neighbor) know beforehand! If you are interested in participating, the Chantilly Neighborhood Association has provided all the supplies for this year’s event.


Supplies will be available for pickup at:

2333 Chesterfield Ave (front porch).  Starting December 11, 2017 through December 16, 2017.


We are recommending 20 “kits” (white bag, candle, sand) per house.  Please email Steven Lucente slucente@snyderlucente.com with any questions.


Thank you and best wishes this holiday season,


The CNA.

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