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Thank you for the wonderful turnout of neighbors at the March 14th CNA meeting!  Please find materials from the meeting:

  • PowerPoint slides from the March meeting here

  • CDOT Presentation to CNA at the March meeting here

Our next CNA meeting will be held on June 13th. Until then, we hope to see everyone at the Spring Fling on May 20th!

The annual Chantilly Spring Fling will be held on Saturday, May 20th at 4:00PM in Chantilly Park. This is the perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors.

Updates from June meeting

Please join us for the next meeting, Tuesday, September 13, 2016 7:00 pm at Chantilly Hall

Please find powerpoint slides from the June meeting here


Please see StormWater Services presentation about the Briar Creek Restoration Project at Chantilly here

2016 Chantilly Ecological Sanctuary at Briar Creek



Make plans to run or volunteer at the Hilly Chantilly 5k, Sunday, October 2, 2016 1:00 pm

2016 Hilly Chantilly

Come one – come all to the June meeting

We will make it short so you can enjoy your summer, but packed with information, plans and discussion:

2016 meeting June flyer

Neighbors, please note the next neighborhood meeting will be TUESDAY, December 15, 2015 at Chantilly Hall (2101 Shenandoah Ave) at 7 pm.  As always, neighborhood meetings are guaranteed to be one hour or less!

Our program will include:

  • County Stormwater Services will discuss the Briar Creek restoration project – construction will begin 2016

  • City Arborist Tim Porter will be there to discuss tree canopy health and new trees to be planted in 2016 in city right-of-way spots

  • Dave Cable, director of TreesCharlotte, will discuss an event February 27, 2016 – for Grier Heights, Chantilly, and Elizabeth Neighborwoods – 150 free trees to neighbors who volunteer.  Click here for more information

  • Look for an email this weekend to all verified neighborhood association neighbors with a survey question:  Do you believe the Chantilly Neighborhood Association should explore the possibility of establishing a Train Horn Quiet Zone at the Pecan Avenue and Bascom Street crossings?    Survey results will be announced at the neighborhood meeting (Go to iChantilly.org to confirm your membership – CNA is now a section 501(c)(3) organization)

  • Also a brief appearance from the director of Catawba Riverkeepers to discuss steps we can take to help protect our creeks and streams

Don’t forget – Oakhurst STEAM Academy open house is Monday, December 14th from 10am – 11:30am

Next cleanup day: Saturday, December 19th – 9:30 AM at the Corner of Bascom & Shenandoah

Register now for discounted race fees for the 30th annual Elizabeth 8k race – elizabeth8k.com

Click here to see the Chantilly Winter 2015 Newsletter


See you Tuesday!

Chantilly Logo

Happy Halloween!

Your Chantilly Neighborhood Association is happy to announce the 16th Annual Maddie Healy Halloween Parade,

Saturday October 31 – lineup begins at 4:30 pm at 2441 Shenandoah Ave.  Chantilly Halloween Parade 2014

It is a great time, featuring police and firetrucks –  neighbors handing out candy along the parade route – and a pizza party at Chantilly Hall

Who is Maddie Healy?  Come meet her! This is a wonderful neighborhood tradition along Shenandoah Ave that has organically grown since Maddie was a young girl – with an energetic mother, Ruth -that celebrates the great spirit of the neighborhood and is great fun for kids of all ages.


Please click on the attachment for instructions to make your reservations for pizza – please email Genevieve social@iChantilly.org if you are willing to help volunteer to setup or takedown.  See you Saturday, October 31!


If you have not yet joined your neighborhood association, it’s not too late – Click here for links to joining, as well as past newsletters
2015 JPEG Halloween Flyer

Chantilly’s 3rd annual neighborhood yard sale will be held on Saturday, October 10th, 2015 from 8am – 12pm. Yard sale

If you are interested in participating, please email Julie you name, the address where your sale will be held, and your telephone number.  This information is required when she applies for the yard sale permits downtown.  She will pick the permits up and deliver them to you on the Friday before the sale.

We ask that each participating address contribute a total of $15.  This amount covers the cost of the permit ($5.00), the cost of the yard sale signs as well as the cost for maps that will  indicate the location of all the sales in the neighborhood.  Each house will receive these maps to hand out to their customers.  The remaining amount will be donated to the Chantilly Neighborhood Association.

In addition to the yard sale signs, which will be hung in the neighborhood and at nearby intersections, we will also advertise the yard sale on Craigslist, Nextdoor and yard sale websites.

You may drop off your cash or check to me at 2316 Shenandoah Avenue.  Please make your checks payable to Chantilly Neighborhood Association.

Thank you

Julie Brookhart


Dear Neighbors, 2015 adopt city street chantilly

The Chantilly Neighborhood Association has officially “adopted” Shenandoah Avenue and Bascom Street through the “Keep Charlotte Beautiful Adopt-a-City Street Program” with the gracious help of Libby and Joe Meiners!

Our first clean up day in June was a success – please keep the ball rolling. We will meet Saturday, September 26 on the corner of Shenandoah and Bascom Streets at 9:00 am. Bags and ‘grabbers’ are provided.

Chantilly Adopt a street

   This is an opportunity for service hours for scout troops or students. Youths must have adults accompany them. Libby will have waivers for you to sign. The more helpers we have, the less time it will take to pick up these two streets.  It’s a great chance for the whole family to show a bit of community pride.

Later that morning, another group has agreed to rendezvous with us on Pecan and Shenandoah.  If you are feeling like extra credit, any volunteers are free to help us clean a bit more.  Our stretch of Pecan may become another street, along with the rest of our neighborhood streets, the Association may adopt in the future.

See you Saturday, September 26 at 9:00 am!

We will be coordinating a minimum of 4 clean-ups per year along our route and will report our progress back to the city each time. The city will provide us with trash bags, pickers and vests to make our lives a little easier.

Please direct any questions or comments to your CNA board at board@ichantilly.org.

Thank you!

Chantilly Logo


Chantilly Neighborhood Meeting Thursday, September 17 – 7 pm

Your Chantilly Neighborhood Association Board hopes you have  had a great summer.  The next meeting, as always, will be at Chantilly Hall 2101 Shenandoah Ave.  Meetings are 1 hour or less!

- Presentation by Charlotte CATS representatives on the proposed Silver light rail line

- Introduction and presentation by Sustain Charlotte

- Vote on new neighborhood bylaws (Click here) – as well as Directors for the Association’s Board

- Next Adopt-a-street cleanup will be Saturday, September 26, 9 am – meet at the corner of Bascom and Shenandoah – bags and ‘grabbers’ provided

Read the Fall 2015 Newsletter

2015 Fall Chantilly newsletter cover


What did I miss at the June meeting?

Click here to see the meeting slides

June had a well-attended meeting featuring new neighborhood faces.  The keynote speakers were Gwen Cook, a planner with the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation to talk about plans for the Briar Creek Greenway project that will connect to Chantilly Park

2015 Briar Creek Greenway Chantilly Meck Park and Rec

Also, Alan Goodwin, a Charlotte City planner, provided details on an overland connection from Chantilly Park to the Little Sugar Creek greenway to be completed in 2018

Click here to see Gwen’s slides on the Briar Creek Greenway project

Click here to see Alan’s slides on the overland connector through Elizabeth

Other topics included a report that CNA is once again a 501(c)(3) organization; report from the bylaws committee; request for neighbor assistance on the neighborhood tree replacement initiative with the City and TreesCharlotte; and a report on the research conducted for neighborhood signs.

Thanks again to Libby Meiners for organizing our first neighborhood adopt-a-city street cleanup

2015 adopt city street chantilly


Chantilly News!

If you missed it, please find the Summer newsletter here (click)

See you all September 17 – 7 pm

Vote on proposed Chantilly Neighborhood Association bylaws Thursday September 17, 2015 7:00 pm (Update 9/26/2015)

Please find copy adopted by Neighborhood Association September 2015 here

Neighbors, as you know from the newsletter and discussions during past neighborhood meetings, your 2015 neighborhood board, elected in the fall of 2014, endeavored to make sure all neighborhood status documents were in order and properly up-to-date.

The Chantilly Neighborhood Association, Inc., is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation – incorporated January 1999.  Research revealed it had acquired nonprofit status at one point. However, at some point, the 501(c)(3) status of CNA had expired. As of April this year, that status was restored. (Please remember to pay your annual dues (click)  to maintain your status as a voting member – consult your tax preparer about any applicable tax deduction)

But a key document does not currently exist in any ‘official’ format – bylaws.  Without bylaws, the Association cannot properly function.

With the help of a team of Chantilly residents (both new and 20 year neighborhood veterans), who are also attorneys in a variety of legal fields, a Bylaws Committee was formed. Longtime Chantilly neighbor Catherine El-Khouri has served as committee chair, overseeing the work of Derick Thurman, Kira Rheingrover, David Driscoll, and Rick Winiker. Molly Putnam and Jonathan Story, your 2015 Secretary and Treasurer, have reviewed drafts and approved the final changes.

The committee also benefited from the prior research and consultation with a former Plaza-Midwood board member who was instrumental in the recent revision of the Plaza-Midwood bylaws. The Charlotte School of Law also contributed a law student who had worked in a neighborhood outreach clinic with other neighborhood associations who were forming bylaws for the first time.

The result is a document that is the proposed bylaws of the Chantilly Neighborhood Association, found here (Click) [As of 9/10/15 – the current Board would recommend the bylaws not include the language: “Each member must be otherwise eligible to vote in a general election in the State of North Carolina” as it would prohibit voting membership of Chantilly landowners. That has been updated at the attached link.  Please discard drafts older than 9/17/15]


The highlights include the formation of a Board of Directors with a goal to extend not only a diversity of neighborhood involvement and oversight, but maintain institutional knowledge from year to year. Directors will have term limits, with a goal to cycle in as many interested neighbors as possible over the years.  Any decision by the Board can be overturned by a majority vote of voting neighbors.

An initial slate of proposed directors (nine) will be presented after a vote on the proposed bylaws at the September meeting. Your 2015 board is completing the recruitment of volunteers for this slate of directors – but anyone is free to present nominations from the floor at the meeting. It will be intended for Directors to assume their duties immediately.

Please do not hesitate to send any comments to board@iChantilly.org. Thank you and see you September 17!



Six neighbors, as well as the current Chantilly Board, have volunteered to run as an initial slate of proposed candidates for the board positions.  Absent nominations from the floor, the neighborhood will be asked to approve this slate after the bylaws vote (if approved).  If there are any votes against, we can then vote on folks individually.

Vacancies will be open by next year – please consider serving on the board if you are interested in ‘getting you feet wet’ and helping your CNA.


Thanks to the following neighbors for agreeing to volunteer:

Libby Meiners

Brooke Leonning

Julie Brookhart

Amy Hazelwood

Genevieve Williams

Christie Driscoll

Current board:

Jonathan Story

Molly Putnam

Rick Winiker




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