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Please find an update on the efforts on behalf of the Chantilly Education Committee and their progress in working with CMS to review the Student Boundary Proposal:

“After the neighborhood vote on Thursday, May 4th, the committee analyzed the results and began to formally prepare a written proposal to share with the CMS Board. Our intention behind the proposal was to share with CMS all four options that we considered and more importantly the results of the vote to indicate the preferences of our neighborhood. We have listed them out in order and included our rationale behind each vote as well as indicate how each option fits within the stated goals of the CMS Board. With regards to the winning option of sending our neighborhood into the Billingsville/Cotswold feeder path we have emphasized that if the pairing of the two schools does not pass, then this option would become null and void to avoid sending our children back to Billingsville as a standalone elementary school.

On Monday, May 8th, Ann Clark hosted an information session at Oakhurst STEAM Academy to spend time explaining their decision to move our school zone from Myers Park High School to Garinger High School. Many in our neighborhood and the surrounding communities who are also impacted by the proposal showed up to ask questions and learn more details of the plan. While the information session provided some valuable insight, we were most encouraged by our conversation with Superintendent Ann Clark after the event. The co-chairs of the Education Committee spoke with Superintendent Clark to express the concerns of the neighborhood and bring to light our intention to submit a counterproposal. She was more than open to reviewing our plan and provided us with instructions on the most efficient way to work with her team to ensure our voice is heard.

On Tuesday, May 9th, the CMS Board hosted a public forum as part of their scheduled board meeting. They allowed anyone from the county to speak for 2 minutes to voice support, disapproval, suggestions, and recommendations for the board to consider when they meet next Tuesday, May 16th, to discuss the feedback from the various neighborhoods impacted by the boundary changes. There were a number of individuals from Chantilly present and two parties offered their comments to the board. If you’d like to read more about this event I would encourage you to read the article written up in the charlotte observer.http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/education/article149615599.html

From here we will submit our formal proposal in writing to the CMS Board and Superintendent Clark by the end of the day today, Wednesday, May 10th. I have spoken with our District 4 School Board Representative, Tom Tate, and we are planning to connect again after their May 16th meeting to determine how our proposal is received. After this meeting, we hope to have more clarity on the viability of our proposal and will communicate the key points with the neighborhood”

Chantilly Ed Committee_Letter to Ann Clark

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