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On Tuesday May 16th the CMS board of education held a special 3 hour session to discuss the feedback each board member had received from the communities in each of their districts. The purpose was to provide the entire board with a sense of support or opposition to the various components of the student assignment proposal.

In viewing the entire live stream session, the Board of Education members spent a significant time discussing the proposal from Dilworth/Myers Park to substantially alter the CMS proposal in the changes to Sedgefield elementary, Dilworth elementary, Eastover elementary, Myers Park Traditional, Sedgefield middle, and Alexander Graham middle schools. There was also a significant amount of time discussing the proposed break up of Morehead STEM and the grandfathering of current attendees at all schools.

When it came to the discussion of the Oakhurst STEAM Academy school zone, our district representative, Tom Tate, had little to say. In summary, he stated that the only neighborhood he has heard a strong opinion from was Chantilly. He then stated that he has reviewed our proposal and our plan to shift to Billingsville/Cotswold, AG Middle, and Myers Park High, but as of yet did not have an opinion. He went on to say that if he had to vote right then, he would likely vote in favor of the CMS plan to send our children to Garinger.

On another note, he did point out that he is concerned that even if CMS approves their proposal that our neighborhood will not support it and will find alternatives to sending our kids to Garinger therefore rendering their plan ineffective. This aligns to the feedback we have received from members in our community and represents a real headwind for CMS.

The morning of Wednesday May 17th we reached to out Tom Tate to set up a meeting to discuss his position and emphasize our dissatisfaction with the CMS proposal. We have  yet to hear back. If we do not hear anything by Friday afternoon, the Education Committee plans to send an email to Tom Tate as well as Ann Clark and other members of the Board of Education to clarify our position and to hopefully encourage them to consider an alternative plan.

As we continue to work on behalf of the neighborhood we would encourage all neighbors who are concerned about the CMS proposal to reach out and state their concerns. If you would send emails to us at schools@ichantilly.org we can forward them on to the Board of Education in a consolidated way to illustrate our frustration.

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