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Members of the CNA Board met today to discuss the recent progress of the Education Committee and the changing dynamics of the CMS Proposal response for our neighborhood. The Board voted to support any proposal decided on by the Education Committee, who is the voice of our neighborhood in this matter. See a message regarding the 5/24 school board meeting as well as a letter to the school board, below:

“The Education Committee would like to remind all neighbors and parents in Chantilly that the CMS Board of Education will be holding one final public hearing on Wednesday, May 24th before immediately voting on the various components of the proposed Student Assignment Proposal. We expect there to be a large contingency of neighbors from the Myers Park, Dilworth, and Morehead STEM Academy to continue their campaigns for their own recommendations. It is imperative that the voice of Chantilly has a sizable and passionate presence at the meeting to ensure that our neighborhood and the dissatisfaction with Garinger High School assignment is effectively and clearly delivered to the Board of Education. This is truly our last chance to express our concerns and submit any alternative proposals before the Board of Education votes.

As such, if you are available to attend the public hearing and board meeting scheduled for Wednesday at 6:00 I encourage you to join us and show your support. We will all plan to wear our gray Hilly Chantilly 5k shirts. If you do not have one of the 5k shirts, we would ask that you wear another light gray shirt to show solidarity. If you would like to sign up to speak at the event, you can call CMS at 980-343-5139 and select option 4. You will be allowed 2 minutes to make your case so we recommend practicing your comments to ensure you do not get cut off early. The meeting will be held at the CMS Government Center located at 600 East Fourth Street in the main auditorium. Last time the auditorium filled up very quickly so if you’d like a seat you should plan to get there early.

We as a committee, board, and neighborhood have worked exceptionally hard over the past month to develop our proposal and present it to CMS. We only have a few more days and one more opportunity to get in front of the Board of Education before the final vote. Please join us and let’s make our voices heard.

Thank you,

The Education Committee”


The following letter was submitted to the CMS Board of Education members by the CNA Education Committee.

“Dear Board of Education members,

We as the Education Committee for the Chantilly Neighborhood Association wanted to follow up with you regarding our proposal after Tuesday night’s working meeting on 5/16 as well as a personal meeting with Tom Tate on Saturday, 5/20 to discuss his position on our alternative proposal to the CMS Student Assignment recommended changes. During our meeting on 5/20, Tom Tate had indicated to us that it is not his intention to present our proposal and instead will vote to follow CMS’s Student Assignment Plan. Mr. Tate did mention that he has some concerns that the parents of Chantilly would not support the CMS proposal and seek options to avoid sending their children to Garinger High School. In speaking on behalf of my neighborhood, I can attest to this being a valid concern as many neighbors have indicated they have no intention of sending their children to Garinger High School.

CMS has offered no short-term or long-term plan to address some of the severe deficiencies at Garinger High School including the lack of licensed teachers, high crime rates, and poor academic performance.  Statistics taken from the North Carolina Department of Education 2016 School Report cards show that there is extreme disparity between our current high school assignment of Myers Park High with the proposed high school of Garinger High:

  • Licensed teachers: 56% at Garinger High compared to 95.5% at Myers Park High

  • Crime Rates (acts of crime per 100 students): 4.44 acts of crime at Garinger High vs.1.96 acts of crime Myers Park High

  • Academic Performance (grade level proficiency): 27.3% proficiency at Garinger High vs. 73.8% proficiency at Myers Park High

  • School Performance Grade: Grade D at Garinger High vs. Grade B at Myers Park High

Recent stories in the news regarding a student and two law enforcement officers being assaulted on the Garinger High campus confirm Chantilly parents’ concerns with the new proposed school assignment.  Not only are the crime rates of Garinger High, as indicated above, far greater than those of Myers Park High, but Garinger High also holds the highest crime rates, per 2016 Report Cards, of any non-magnet high school in Charlotte.  With no plan for changes to both poor safety and poor academic results, Chantilly parents will not support sending their children to an unsafe and underperforming school.

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, the Chantilly Education Committee presented four alternative zoning proposals for CMS Board consideration (original proposal attached).  The most strongly supported alternative proposed by Chantilly residents was the request to be zoned for Billingsville/Cotswold, Alexander Graham Middle, and Myers Park High.  The Chantilly Education Committee recognizes that requesting a rezoning to Billingsville Elementary is counter to our neighborhood’s previous stance, however our residents feel that this is the only way to remain zoned for Myers Park High while also meeting the goals of Phase II Student Reassignment Plan.

The Chantilly Education Committee encourages you to review and consider all alternatives proposed, including the also strongly supported request to be zoned for Oakhurst STEAM, McClintock Middle, and East Meck High.  This keeps all students from Oakhurst STEAM Academy together feeding to one middle school and also provides our children with an academic equivalent to Myers Park High.

In looking at all proposed high school zoning changes within the Phase II Proposal, no other zoning recommendation poses such dramatic, negative effects as the proposed move from Myers ParkHigh to Garinger High. Our neighborhood and families are most strongly supportive of the two alternatives that either zone our children for Myers Park High or East Meck High.  At this point, our neighborhood would like to clearly state that all Chantilly families will adamantly oppose sending our children to Garinger High.

As a neighborhood, we ask that you please reconsider the Phase II Proposal of rezoning the Chantilly neighborhood to Garinger High, but instead maintain our current high school designation of Myers Park High or rezone Chantilly for East Meck High.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration on this matter.


Chantilly Education Committee”

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