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The county commission is set to vote on a new budget after a public hearing on Monday 6/5, and aligned with PMNA, CNA has expressed a desire to ensure that budget contains a line item expressly for greenway expansion, in keeping with the county’s 2008 master plan.

CNA has sent the following letter to the commissioners: 2017.06.04 CNA lter to BOCC re Parks

The 2008 master plan can be seen here:


GreenwaysForMeck project, which is encouraging greenway growth, can be found here: http://greenwaysformeck.com/

News story on budget here: http://bvtnews.com/politics/county-plans-millions-for-parks-but-critics-question-big-share-for-soccer-stadium.html

We’d encourage any neighbors who also feel strongly about greenways to reach out as well. Here are the contact addresses for county commissioners:
George.Dunlap@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov, Ella.Scarborough@mecklenburgcountync.gov Trevor.Fuller@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov
Patricia.Cotham@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov jim.puckett@mecklenburgcountync.gov Vilma.Leake@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov Dumont.Clarke@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov Matthew.Ridenhour@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov

If you have specific questions, feel free to email board@ichantilly.org

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