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At long last, the neighborhood is getting new signs!


The board members of the Chantilly Neighborhood Association are very excited to announce that we have finally gotten approval to install our brand new Chantilly Neighborhood signs. We decided to have four signs placed strategically on the entry points into the neighborhood and we will also be installing one sign at the entrance to the Chantilly Neighborhood Park. The exact locations of the new signs are listed below as well as a picture of the sign top and logo.


We are currently scheduled to have them all installed on Tuesday 8/28 and barring any delay, it should be completed in one day. Please keep an eye out for them next week and we hope that you all enjoy the new addition!


512 Bascom Street

2100 Shenandoah Avenue

2101 Chesterfield Avenue

2120 Bay Street

Chantilly Park Entrance



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