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Creek ReLeaf


As many of you are aware, our beloved Chantilly Park has seen quite a few changes due to the development of the new ecological sanctuary. As this project comes to a close, we are fortunate enough to have been chosen as this year’s Creek Releaf project site. Creek ReLeaf is a collaborative effort of the Charlotte Public Tree Fund, Central Piedmont Community College, the Sierra Club Central Piedmont Group and Mecklenburg County Stormwater Services to preserve and plant trees along Mecklenburg County streams to improve air and water quality and stream side habitat.  They also partner with TreesCharlotte when plantings occur in Charlotte.


As of 2016 Creek ReLeaf events have resulted in the planting of 21,200 trees and the education of 4,000 volunteers on the value of trees for our environment, our parks, and our community’s health.  The volunteers have given our local communities over 12,000 hours of their time through this program. This year’s event will be their tenth annual Creek ReLeaf tree planting and registered volunteers will plant 1,500 trees along Briar Creek in Charlotte on November 18th.


The planting will begin at 9 a.m. and conclude at around 11:30 a.m. Over 400 volunteers have registered this year, including scouts, students, employee groups and families. Lunch for registered volunteers will be provided on site immediately following the planting and they will also raffle off some great prizes. If you would like to help out with the planting effort, please visit creekreleaf.com for additional information and to preregister for the event.


Due to the high number of volunteers who have registered with this project, we expect there to be a significant amount of cars parking in our neighborhood during the event. We have instructed the volunteers to first park at the vacant business lot at the end of Shenandoah Ave, but expect this to be filled up quickly leading to many additional cars being parked along our streets. To avoid unnecessary congestion, we would ask that, if possible, please park your cars in your driveways and off of the streets the morning of Saturday 11/18. 


We are also in search of a few volunteers who will help assist with the parking to ensure the volunteers know where they need to park, and to locate Chantilly Park. Parking volunteers are expected to be needed from 8:30AM-10:00AM. If you would like to volunteer, please email your information to volunteer@ichantilly.org

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