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Earlier this year, the CNA Board was contacted by a representative the of the Goode Development Corp. regarding the Chantilly Plaza Property located at the dead end of Shenandoah Ave. They informed the board that they were in the process of purchasing this property and expect to close in the month of August. Shortly after, we scheduled a meeting to discuss their plans in more detail to review the impact to our neighborhood.



The current plan is to tear down the existing structure on the property and then build out 27 townhomes, and 5 single family homes. The townhomes will be located on the existing land at the dead end of Shenandoah, but the plans also include extending Chesterfield Ave to back up to a new loop that would connect Chesterfield Ave and Shenandoah Ave through the new development. The 5 new single family homes would be located along this extension of Chesterfield Ave to help maintain the aesthetics of that street. The purpose of this extension is to provide the residents of the townhomes with two access points to the new townhomes and help reduce excessive traffic on Shenandoah Ave.



The townhome plans are projected to be approximately 1,300 – 1,500 sqft with several layout options and will be in the $350,000 price range which would be consistent with the current $250/sqft prices in the Chantilly market. The townhomes will include garage parking options to help keep street parking to a minimum. Please also note, that all properties will be sold outright and will not be available for rent.



In addition to the residential development, Goode Development Corp. is planning to build out amenity space along Briar Creek and will focus on green space, common areas, walking paths, natural areas, a dog run, among other ideas. We feel confident that they are committed to keeping this space usable and in line with the recent ecological sanctuary enhancements and future greenway expansions.



Based on our conversations, it appears that they should not have any zoning issues and would expect construction to being this fall/winter and to be completed by mid-2019, assuming no delays. The team from Goode Development Corp has emphasized to us that they are open to our feedback and would prefer to work with our neighborhood instead of against our neighborhood.



As I expect there to be many questions surrounding this project and many strong opinions, I’ve invited Thomas Goode, of Goode Development Corp., to join us at the upcoming September CNA Neighborhood Meeting on Tuesday 9/11 at 7:ooPM in Watershed Church’s auditorium. Thomas will be a featured speaker and will provide more details on the project as well as field questions and concerns from you. Please plan to attend this timely and important meeting to learn more straight from the source.

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