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Links and Excerpts from Chantilly’s Charlotte History

Excerpt of 1911 map of Mecklenburg County by C.A. Spratt and J.B. Spratt

(North Carolina Collection, UNC-Chapel Hill)

Pre-Chantilly 1911 – South of Lawyer’s Rd (Central Ave)

Chantilly’s Original Deed Map, Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds – Dated September 11, 1913

Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds, Book 230 Chantilly Neighborhood September 11, 1913 (photo by Rick Winiker, February 25, 2015)

Note street names – Carolina Ave, Hannover St and more…


Official Charlotte Street Map, Office of the City Engineer, 1935

(North Carolina Collection, UNC-Chapel Hill)

Chantilly Neighborhood 1935, Charlotte City Engineer, Official Map (UNC-CH Collection)


Local Chantilly historian next to concrete Charlotte street sign, 1939

Corner of Shenandoah and Westover Streets

Handbill for lot auction May 8, 1947

Chantilly lot auction, handbill May 8 1947

Chantilly lots for sale at auction May 8, 1947


Independence Boulevard

Only two years after the handbill, above, residents of Chantilly learned “Mayor Herbert Baxter and the City Council wanted to use $200,000 of local bond money to help build a massive “cross-town boulevard” up Westmoreland Avenue [the street that existed between Commonwealth and Shenandoah], down High Street, and across the Sunnyside Rose Garden, through Independence Park and along Fox Street past the Douglas and Sing Mortuary, through Cherry and the Thompson Orphanage pasture, up Stonewall Street and down Brevard Street to end at Morehead Street.”  The Building Of Independence Boulevard, By Dr. Dan L. Morrill



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