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Vote on proposed Chantilly Neighborhood Association bylaws Thursday September 17, 2015 7:00 pm (Update 9/26/2015)

Please find copy adopted by Neighborhood Association September 2015 here

Neighbors, as you know from the newsletter and discussions during past neighborhood meetings, your 2015 neighborhood board, elected in the fall of 2014, endeavored to make sure all neighborhood status documents were in order and properly up-to-date.

The Chantilly Neighborhood Association, Inc., is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation – incorporated January 1999.  Research revealed it had acquired nonprofit status at one point. However, at some point, the 501(c)(3) status of CNA had expired. As of April this year, that status was restored. (Please remember to pay your annual dues (click)  to maintain your status as a voting member – consult your tax preparer about any applicable tax deduction)

But a key document does not currently exist in any ‘official’ format – bylaws.  Without bylaws, the Association cannot properly function.

With the help of a team of Chantilly residents (both new and 20 year neighborhood veterans), who are also attorneys in a variety of legal fields, a Bylaws Committee was formed. Longtime Chantilly neighbor Catherine El-Khouri has served as committee chair, overseeing the work of Derick Thurman, Kira Rheingrover, David Driscoll, and Rick Winiker. Molly Putnam and Jonathan Story, your 2015 Secretary and Treasurer, have reviewed drafts and approved the final changes.

The committee also benefited from the prior research and consultation with a former Plaza-Midwood board member who was instrumental in the recent revision of the Plaza-Midwood bylaws. The Charlotte School of Law also contributed a law student who had worked in a neighborhood outreach clinic with other neighborhood associations who were forming bylaws for the first time.

The result is a document that is the proposed bylaws of the Chantilly Neighborhood Association, found here (Click) [As of 9/10/15 – the current Board would recommend the bylaws not include the language: “Each member must be otherwise eligible to vote in a general election in the State of North Carolina” as it would prohibit voting membership of Chantilly landowners. That has been updated at the attached link.  Please discard drafts older than 9/17/15]


The highlights include the formation of a Board of Directors with a goal to extend not only a diversity of neighborhood involvement and oversight, but maintain institutional knowledge from year to year. Directors will have term limits, with a goal to cycle in as many interested neighbors as possible over the years.  Any decision by the Board can be overturned by a majority vote of voting neighbors.

An initial slate of proposed directors (nine) will be presented after a vote on the proposed bylaws at the September meeting. Your 2015 board is completing the recruitment of volunteers for this slate of directors – but anyone is free to present nominations from the floor at the meeting. It will be intended for Directors to assume their duties immediately.

Please do not hesitate to send any comments to board@iChantilly.org. Thank you and see you September 17!



Six neighbors, as well as the current Chantilly Board, have volunteered to run as an initial slate of proposed candidates for the board positions.  Absent nominations from the floor, the neighborhood will be asked to approve this slate after the bylaws vote (if approved).  If there are any votes against, we can then vote on folks individually.

Vacancies will be open by next year – please consider serving on the board if you are interested in ‘getting you feet wet’ and helping your CNA.


Thanks to the following neighbors for agreeing to volunteer:

Libby Meiners

Brooke Leonning

Julie Brookhart

Amy Hazelwood

Genevieve Williams

Christie Driscoll

Current board:

Jonathan Story

Molly Putnam

Rick Winiker




Neighbors and friends

The Chantilly Neighborhood Association is sponsoring a one hour program Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 10:00 am called ‘Citizen Arborist’ to learn more about your Charlotte tree canopy.

The featured speaker will be Tim Porter, Assistant City Arborist for the City of Charlotte.  Tim will give you tips for looking out for problems with your trees as well as proper tree care.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 5.51.45 PM

The event will be at Chantilly Hall, 2101 Shenandoah Ave Charlotte, NC 28205

The event is free to members of the public – but anyone wishing to attend is asked to please RSVP: secretary@iChantilly.org

Interested neighbors in the Chantilly neighborhood are asked to also email secretary@iChantilly.org if you cannot make the session, but would like additional information about our tree canopy.

As was discussed in recent Charlotte Observer articles this year, our aging willow oak population will become more of a pressing issue for our neighbors in the immediate future.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 5.53.01 PM   Based on the most recent tree survey by the City (2012), Chantilly has about 89% of trees in the ‘right of way’ areas (median strips) in fair to poor health.

As mentioned in a January 24, 2015 Charlotte Observer article, “Because most [willow oaks] were planted between 1895 to 1923, they’re also aging out together. The concentration of willow oaks might also account for the annual onslaught of cankerworms.

“It’s one of the major challenges of Charlotte’s tree canopy,” said Dave Cable, executive director of the public-private planting initiative TreesCharlotte.

 old tree planting   Observer trees


Guests from TreesCharlotte will also be on hand to discuss a Chantilly Neighborhood cooperative project for the fall


See you April 25!

Chantilly Logo



We had a great turnout at this year’s lst meeting – around 50 of your neighbors and several guests

As promised – the meeting was finished in just under an hour – 15 action-packed items on the agenda!

Click on the image below to see the powerpoint slides from the meeting:

2015.03.12 Chantilly Meeting slides March 12 2015 photo


What’s next?

- Next meeting June 11, 2015 7:00 pm Chantilly Hall on Shenandoah

- RSVP for ‘Citizen Arborist’ meeting Saturday, April 25, 10:00 am – City Asst. Arborist Tim Porter will lead a meeting about our Chantilly Tree canopy, how to spot tree issues, care and feeding of our trees, etc – No more than one hour – concise and packed with information! RSVP – secretary@iChantilly.org

- Spring Fling scheduled for May 16 – Chantilly Park – look for announcements

- Plans are in the works for the first ‘Hilly Chantilly’ 5k race – by your Chantilly Neighborhood Association – tentatively scheduled Sunday October 11, 2015 – 1 pm

- Establish or renew your membership – Click Here

- Advertise in the next Chantilly Newsletter

- Please email Molly – will you serve as a block captain – tree volunteer?

We need you

It’s almost time for the Summer edition of the Chantilly Newsletter – a great collection of articles of neighborhood interest – and promotions from neighborhood merchants

If you are interested in writing for the newsletter – whether it’s for this edition – or the Fall or Winter editions – please contact Molly – secretary@iChantilly.org

Is your business interested in low cost advertising and supporting a great, neighborhood non-profit? – then please contact Jonathan – treasurer@iChantilly.org

The Summer edition will feature articles including Historical Chantilly - Tree Canopy – Chantilly Parents and much more

(Click the image for a PDF copy of the circular)

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.51.16 PM

Chantilly Neighborhood Association

Meeting Agenda – 3/12/15

Chantilly Hall

2101 Shenandoah Ave

7:00 – 8:00 PM

**Reminder – please pay membership dues before the meeting:http://www.ichantilly.org/membership

The meeting will be finished in an hour or less….. many items are very short introductions

1) Approval of last meeting 11-2-2014 minutes (Click to view minutes)

2) Crime Report – Officer Sprague and Kristin Simmer

Welcome and thanks to Chantilly Hall hosts, Charlotte Dance Gypsies

3) Old Chatham Swim Club introduction

4) Elizabeth 8k introduction

5) Chantilly 5k plans

  • Recruit Committee Members
  • Introduce Legion Brewing, race sponsor

6) Plaza Midwood Merchants Association introduction

7) Introduction of Charlotte DOT, Field Services Manager

8 ) Introduction of Dave Cable – TreesCharlotte and Tim Porter, Deputy City Arborist

  • Plans for Citizen Arborist training
  • Brief discussion of potential tree canopy initiatives/partnerships

9) Treasurer’s Report and Annual Dues – Jonathon Story

10) Presentation of Neighborhood Sign initiative

11) Spring Fling, Saturday May 16, Chantilly Park

12) Report from City Planning/Zoning Meetings

13) Chantilly Block Captains

14) Spring Chantilly Newsletter

15) Membership vote (2015 paid members) on IRS Tax Exempt Status for CNA – 501(c)(3) ($400 IRS filing fee)

Dear Chantilly Neighborhood Residents,

The Chantilly Neighborhood Association’s first meeting of the year will be held at Chantilly Hall located on Shenandoah Ave on March 12th, 7:00 pm! Please join your neighbors to share your thoughts on plans for 2015 and the following agenda topics:

· Information and proposals to address our aging tree canopy (speaker from TreesCharlotte and a report from a meeting with CharMeck Landscaping Department)
· Enhancing the beauty of our neighborhood (including the installation of a neighborhood entrance signs and/or Chantilly branded signs throughout the neighborhood)
· Our three Chantilly Neighborhood social events for 2015:

  • Spring Fling at Chantilly Park, Saturday May 16 (For more info, contact Genevieve Williams – social@ichantilly.org)
  • Annual Halloween Parade in October
  • The 1st Annual Chantilly 5K in the Fall 2015

New for 2015, we will be simplifying our communications by moving our online community forum from Yahoo Groups to NextDoor.com. To start using NextDoor, simply sign up using your Chantilly address and you’ll automatically be added to the Chantilly forum. Our iChantilly.org website will continue to act as the source for major announcements, meeting minutes, and general neighborhood information. You will also be able to find important updates posted on iChantilly.org mirrored on NextDoor, Facebook, and Twitter! If you have any ideas or questions regarding our new online and social media presence, please contact board@ichantilly.org.

Our traditional published neighborhood newsletter will continue for 2015 and we hope to attract a record number of sponsors! We encourage neighbors to submit ideas for the newsletter (or even entire articles!) to board@iChantilly.org. If you or your business are interested in advertising, please contact Jonathan Story at treasurer@ichantilly.org.

Please remember to renew and establish your CNA membership for 2015! Annual neighborhood dues are only $15.00 per household or $10.00 per household for residents that are 65 or older. You can renew via PayPal by going to the iChantilly membership page or you can write a check made payable to:

Chantilly Neighborhood Association
PO Box 5293
Charlotte, NC 28299-5293

A strong neighborhood association is vital to keep our community growing, partnering with the City/schools/sister neighborhoods, connecting neighbors together, and ensuring the safety of our neighborhood. The CNA Board’s goal is to keep meetings both productive and short, but we can only succeed if YOU attend and contribute your voice! Your CNA Board greatly appreciates your support and looks forward to seeing you on March 12th!

Chantilly Logo

To follow up on the news yesterday, Feb 12, 2015, about the fallen tree and injured driver in Elizabeth (Click for Observer article), the CNA Board asks neighbors to consider attending upcoming events to learn more about our tree canopy issues.

Our next neighborhood meeting will be Thursday March 12 at 7:00 pm – and will feature a guest speaker from Trees Charlotte. In addition, Rick Winiker will report on his meeting with the City Landscape Department about the latest survey of “city trees” in Chantilly

Also, please consider attending, on Tuesday, Feb 24 at 7 pm a one hour lecture “What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Their Aging Trees” (click link for details and how to make a reservation) by retired arborist Jack McNeary, a past president of the American Society of Consulting Arborists

If you have not done so, please look for announcements, discussions and alerts on Nextdoor.com (Chantilly neighborhood page), CNA’s Facebook page and Twitter

Please also look for other agenda items for Chantilly for the next meeting and 2015 – if you have not done so – please renew your 2015 neighborhood membership! (click link for directions)

Thanks! Your 2015 CNA Board

Hi neighbors,
You probably know about the PM Pool that will hopefully (pending rezoning on March 16th) be a great addition to our area.
The pool will be on the property of The VanLandingham Estate.
The co-owner emailed me earlier this week to let me know that they have now opened up membership to Chantilly and asked me to help get the word out. They initially had just opened up membership to PM as they really want membership that can walk or bike there, but Chantilly was next on the list!
If you are interested then check out the site and pay your deposit for a spot.
Oh, and sign the petition to help get it rezoned.
Feel free to forward.
Thanks! Have a great weekend.

Information from the Chantilly Neighborhood Association can be found, not only on this website, but also in periodic newsletters distributed in the neighborhood.  Announcements include neighborhood alerts, news and plans for social events.

Please also create an account on Nextdoor – a handy and free website and app that not only includes Chantilly news, but announcements from our neighboring communities

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

2015 Officers

We got Oakhurst!

The school board voted unanimously tonight to include Chantilly in the home school boundary for Oakhurst STEAM Elementary! Read more here:

Charlotte Observer Article

CMS Recommendations that were passed (page 14)

More information to come.

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