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Our next CNA meeting is scheduled for this coming Tuesday 9/12 at 7:00 PM. Due to the construction underway at the old Chantilly Hall, we will be holding this meeting at the nearby Grier Heights Community Center located at 3100 Leroy St, Charlotte, NC 28205. Topics include:


  •  An introduction to the new officers and board members of the CNA

  •  An update on the Chantilly Hall/Watershed Church project

  •  The Treasurer’s update

  •  Neighborhood Crime Update

  •  And discussion of upcoming events in the neighborhood


*****The meeting will be held as scheduled*****

It’s hard to believe that summer is over, kids have gone back to school, cooler weather is right around the corner, and it’s time for our next neighborhood adopt-a-street cleanup! We’re doing things a little differently this year as we typically hold the cleanup after our neighborhood meetings (next one is Tuesday 9/12), but this year we’re joining our neighbors in the Plaza Midwood and Belmont to host an inter-neighborhood effort.


Saturday, September 9th from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM we will be cleaning up our adopted streets in Chantilly. Our volunteers will meet at the corner of Bascom St and Shenandoah Ave. All required supplies will be provided by Keep Charlotte Beautiful (pickers, bags, safety vests, etc.) so all you need to do is show up and be ready to lend a hand.


Once the streets are clean all volunteers are welcome to join the other neighborhood volunteers at the nearby Catawba Brewery  from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM for a chance to make some new friends and enjoy some games and prizes.


We hope to see you there!

At long last, the neighborhood is getting new signs!


The board members of the Chantilly Neighborhood Association are very excited to announce that we have finally gotten approval to install our brand new Chantilly Neighborhood signs. We decided to have four signs placed strategically on the entry points into the neighborhood and we will also be installing one sign at the entrance to the Chantilly Neighborhood Park. The exact locations of the new signs are listed below as well as a picture of the sign top and logo.


We are currently scheduled to have them all installed on Tuesday 8/28 and barring any delay, it should be completed in one day. Please keep an eye out for them next week and we hope that you all enjoy the new addition!


512 Bascom Street

2100 Shenandoah Avenue

2101 Chesterfield Avenue

2120 Bay Street

Chantilly Park Entrance



Please join us for a double-feature movie night this Friday, June 9th sponsored by Genevieve Williams!

Doors open at 6PM!

Movie Night

Please join us for a meeting at Chantilly Hall with the leadership of Watershed Charlotte this Thursday, June 8th at 7 PM to hear about the latest news regarding the sale, update and intended future use of Chantilly Hall.

The CNA Board has made Watershed Charlotte aware of some neighborhood questions and concerns including a repeated concern specifically about parking. They would like to hear these questions and concerns directly from the neighbors as well as have the opportunity for you to hear how they see themselves peacefully co-existing in our neighborhood together. We hope to see many of you at Chantilly Hall this Thursday at 7 PM!

The county commission is set to vote on a new budget after a public hearing on Monday 6/5, and aligned with PMNA, CNA has expressed a desire to ensure that budget contains a line item expressly for greenway expansion, in keeping with the county’s 2008 master plan.

CNA has sent the following letter to the commissioners: 2017.06.04 CNA lter to BOCC re Parks

The 2008 master plan can be seen here:


GreenwaysForMeck project, which is encouraging greenway growth, can be found here: http://greenwaysformeck.com/

News story on budget here: http://bvtnews.com/politics/county-plans-millions-for-parks-but-critics-question-big-share-for-soccer-stadium.html

We’d encourage any neighbors who also feel strongly about greenways to reach out as well. Here are the contact addresses for county commissioners:
George.Dunlap@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov, Ella.Scarborough@mecklenburgcountync.gov Trevor.Fuller@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov
Patricia.Cotham@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov jim.puckett@mecklenburgcountync.gov Vilma.Leake@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov Dumont.Clarke@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov Matthew.Ridenhour@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov

If you have specific questions, feel free to email board@ichantilly.org


Over the past 24 hours, the Education Committee has taken several important steps in our efforts to work with the CMS Board of Education as it pertains to the Student Assignment Boundary plan. It has been made clear to us through our District Representative, Tom Tate, and after reviewing the new CMS proposal and seeing the lack of our proposal being included that the option to send our children through the Cotswold/Billingsville feeder pattern has been ignored and rejected. As such, the Education Committee met this evening to discuss our strategy moving forward. It was concluded that our best option was to pursue the second highest voted for option to follow the Oakhurst STEAM Academy, McClintock Middle School, and East Mecklenburg High School feeder pattern.

In addition to our meeting, Education Committee Co-Chair Member, Andy Sontag, attended a meeting with the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association to discuss this plan with their board. In an overwhelming show of support, the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association and the attending members voted to unanimously support our proposal and efforts. Also in attendance was a Board Member of the Amity Gardens Neighborhood Association who consulted with his his remaining board who also voiced their support for our plan.

As such, we have sent a new email to the CMS Board requesting that they please reconsider our proposal, paying special attention to our option routing our children through Oakhurst, McClintock, and East Meck. We feel that as we presented them all of our options on our original submission on May 10th, that this should be an acceptable request.

Regarding the scheduled meeting tomorrow with the CMS Board where they will hold a final public hearing to address any lingering concerns or note signs of support we would like to encourage your attendance. We would like you to voice your support or opposition to any and all components of the CMS plan or the Chantilly plan. But more importantly, we want you to be in attendance. It is the intention of the Education Committee Members who will be speaking on behalf of the committee and broader neighborhood to support the latest effort of the East Meck option. We also expect members of the Oakhurst Community and Amity Gardens community to show their support for this plan.

We as a committee have worked hard on behalf of the neighborhood, but now we need your help. Please show up and be heard!

For those of you planning to speak at the event tomorrow and are looking for some talking points, please see a list below to help you form your own ideas and opinions to share with the CMS Board of Education.

This option shows a continued support for Oakhurst STEAM Academy as our neighborhood school.
There is already an existing link between Oakhurst STEAM Academy and the McClintock Middle School through the magnet programs. As such, we already have a degree of transportation provided to our neighborhood, and this satisfies the Board of Education’s desire to keep children together throughout their school progression. As it stands today, half of the Oakhurst students, neighborhood school students, move on to Eastway Middle School and the other half, the magnet students, move on to McClintock Middle School.
It avoids capacity concerns at Myers Park High School
It allows the Oakhurst School Zone to maintain an equivalent quality of safety and education as Eastway Middle, McClintock Middle, Myers Park High School, and East Meck High School all have very comparable school scores, especially when compared to moving to Garinger.
The willingness to change schools and work with CMS.
It shows a willingess to work alongside the other neighborhoods with the Oakhurst School Zone to offer find a mutually beneficial solution.
I hope to see you all at CMS tomorrow for the vote! Remember to wear gray t-shirts and preferably your Hilly Chantilly 5k shirt.

Thank you,

The Chantilly Neighborhood Education Committee
Please see the note sent to the School Board and Superintendent this evening:

Good evening Superintendent Clark and the other Board of Education members,

Over the past few days, the Chantilly Neighborhood Association and Education Committee members have taken a number of actions to discuss the feedback we have received from Tom Tate, our District Representative, and the clear lack of consideration for our proposal in the newly issued CMS Student Assignment Plan that is to be voted upon tomorrow. It is our understanding that the CMS Board of Education has only formally considered our majority request to leave Oakhurst STEAM Academy and instead opt for the Billingsville/Cotswold feeder pattern. While this was the majority vote option, I want to clarify that our second option, to stay at Oakhurst STEAM Academy, feed to McClintock Middle, and on to East Meck High School is still part of our proposal, received a significant portion of the vote, and should be considered as a viable option for our neighborhood.

On Monday, May 22nd, the Board Members of the Chantilly Neighborhood Association held a special meeting to seek the approval to support the Education Committee’s effort to formally present the Oakhurst, McClintock, and East Meck feeder pattern. The Education Committee then held a special meeting tonight, May 23rd, to discuss our options moving forward with CMS and the intentions of the other members of our community. We invited several special attendees who were originally strong advocates of the voted upon Myers Park option (and parents of Myers Park students to be impacted by the plan) who voiced their support for the Oakhurst, McClintock, East Meck option. At this meeting, we had unanimous support to move forward with the formal presentation to CMS of this feeder pattern.

Immediately following this Chantilly Education Committee meeting, co-chair Andy Sontag, attended an Oakhurst Neighborhood Association meeting to share our efforts with CMS, understand more about their proposal that has been submitted to follow an Oakhurst, McClintock, and East Meck feeder pattern, and collaborate our efforts and speak as an entire school zone as we head into the vote. While Andy Sontag was in attendance, the Oakhurst Board held a neighborhood vote to support the previously submitted Chantilly proposal option to follow an Oakhurst, McClintock, East Meck feeder pattern. The result was a UNANIMOUS decision to support Chantilly’s proposal.

Also in attendance of the Oakhurst Community vote was a member of the Amity Gardens Board who received support from the other members of his board to further support our option of the Oakhurst, McClintock, East Meck feeder pattern.

We would like to reiterate that the neighborhoods of Chantilly, Oakhurst, Amity Gardens and the broader communities within the Oakhurst STEAM Academy School zone have come to an agreement to fully support CMS considering the alteration of their current Student Assignment Boundary proposal to include an option that sends all Oakhurst STEAM Academy students to McClintock Middle School and then East Meck High School.

For your reference, I have attached a copy of the original proposal from Chantilly which will discuss in more detail the rationale behind the option, but would like to provide some bullet points below.

There is a strong contingency in the neighborhood that would like to continue to support the Oakhurst STEAM Academy. The objective of submitting any alternative is solely based on our concerns of the lack of improvements we perceive at Garinger High School and is not a reflection of the willing participation to attend Oakhurst STEAM Academy.
As the STEAM program for Oakhurst currently feeds into the McClintock magnet program, there is already transportation to our neighborhood and this would keep all Oakhurst students together in their transition to middle school regardless of their designation of a magnet student or a neighborhood student.
Using the Oakhurst School Zone as it relates to proximity to McClintock Middle School and East Meck High School it should be well within the guidelines CMS.
At the High School level, East Meck and Myers Park are significantly more comparable than the recommendation of Garinger High School. It has been made clear to me that changing Chantilly from Myers Park to East Meck would be met with acceptance and approval whereas there has been a resounding opposition to participating at Garinger.
Finally, we as a community support change at Garinger and think all children should be entitled to a good education in a safe atmosphere. As it stands now, we have not seen any concrete plans to address the educational under-performance or drastically higher than average rate of crime. Speaking for Chantilly, we cannot support sending our children there.
In summary, we would like to state that we want to work with CMS in the endeavor. We understand that as populations change, so must the school zones. We also sympathize with CMS and that they must try to do something to address the issues with Garinger. But severely reducing the quality of education our children can receive is not the answer. We have expanded our community involvement beyond just our neighborhood of Chantilly and have consulted with and gained support of the surrounding neighborhoods in the Oakhurst School Zone. It is because of this, that we implore you to please consider this alternative and include it in your vote tomorrow. you can expect there to be a significant number of our neighbors from across the Oakhurst School Zone who will be offering their support for this plan.

I have copied several CMS Board of Education Members, the Chantilly Board Members, the Chantilly Education Committee, the Oakhurst Community Board, and the Amity Gardens Board. As we are quickly approaching the vote I want to mention that we are all willing to make ourselves available to any members who seek further clarification of our plan. The future of our children rests in your hands. Please do not overlook our relatively small community.


The Chantilly Education Committee


Members of the CNA Board met today to discuss the recent progress of the Education Committee and the changing dynamics of the CMS Proposal response for our neighborhood. The Board voted to support any proposal decided on by the Education Committee, who is the voice of our neighborhood in this matter. See a message regarding the 5/24 school board meeting as well as a letter to the school board, below:

“The Education Committee would like to remind all neighbors and parents in Chantilly that the CMS Board of Education will be holding one final public hearing on Wednesday, May 24th before immediately voting on the various components of the proposed Student Assignment Proposal. We expect there to be a large contingency of neighbors from the Myers Park, Dilworth, and Morehead STEM Academy to continue their campaigns for their own recommendations. It is imperative that the voice of Chantilly has a sizable and passionate presence at the meeting to ensure that our neighborhood and the dissatisfaction with Garinger High School assignment is effectively and clearly delivered to the Board of Education. This is truly our last chance to express our concerns and submit any alternative proposals before the Board of Education votes.

As such, if you are available to attend the public hearing and board meeting scheduled for Wednesday at 6:00 I encourage you to join us and show your support. We will all plan to wear our gray Hilly Chantilly 5k shirts. If you do not have one of the 5k shirts, we would ask that you wear another light gray shirt to show solidarity. If you would like to sign up to speak at the event, you can call CMS at 980-343-5139 and select option 4. You will be allowed 2 minutes to make your case so we recommend practicing your comments to ensure you do not get cut off early. The meeting will be held at the CMS Government Center located at 600 East Fourth Street in the main auditorium. Last time the auditorium filled up very quickly so if you’d like a seat you should plan to get there early.

We as a committee, board, and neighborhood have worked exceptionally hard over the past month to develop our proposal and present it to CMS. We only have a few more days and one more opportunity to get in front of the Board of Education before the final vote. Please join us and let’s make our voices heard.

Thank you,

The Education Committee”


The following letter was submitted to the CMS Board of Education members by the CNA Education Committee.

“Dear Board of Education members,

We as the Education Committee for the Chantilly Neighborhood Association wanted to follow up with you regarding our proposal after Tuesday night’s working meeting on 5/16 as well as a personal meeting with Tom Tate on Saturday, 5/20 to discuss his position on our alternative proposal to the CMS Student Assignment recommended changes. During our meeting on 5/20, Tom Tate had indicated to us that it is not his intention to present our proposal and instead will vote to follow CMS’s Student Assignment Plan. Mr. Tate did mention that he has some concerns that the parents of Chantilly would not support the CMS proposal and seek options to avoid sending their children to Garinger High School. In speaking on behalf of my neighborhood, I can attest to this being a valid concern as many neighbors have indicated they have no intention of sending their children to Garinger High School.

CMS has offered no short-term or long-term plan to address some of the severe deficiencies at Garinger High School including the lack of licensed teachers, high crime rates, and poor academic performance.  Statistics taken from the North Carolina Department of Education 2016 School Report cards show that there is extreme disparity between our current high school assignment of Myers Park High with the proposed high school of Garinger High:

  • Licensed teachers: 56% at Garinger High compared to 95.5% at Myers Park High

  • Crime Rates (acts of crime per 100 students): 4.44 acts of crime at Garinger High vs.1.96 acts of crime Myers Park High

  • Academic Performance (grade level proficiency): 27.3% proficiency at Garinger High vs. 73.8% proficiency at Myers Park High

  • School Performance Grade: Grade D at Garinger High vs. Grade B at Myers Park High

Recent stories in the news regarding a student and two law enforcement officers being assaulted on the Garinger High campus confirm Chantilly parents’ concerns with the new proposed school assignment.  Not only are the crime rates of Garinger High, as indicated above, far greater than those of Myers Park High, but Garinger High also holds the highest crime rates, per 2016 Report Cards, of any non-magnet high school in Charlotte.  With no plan for changes to both poor safety and poor academic results, Chantilly parents will not support sending their children to an unsafe and underperforming school.

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, the Chantilly Education Committee presented four alternative zoning proposals for CMS Board consideration (original proposal attached).  The most strongly supported alternative proposed by Chantilly residents was the request to be zoned for Billingsville/Cotswold, Alexander Graham Middle, and Myers Park High.  The Chantilly Education Committee recognizes that requesting a rezoning to Billingsville Elementary is counter to our neighborhood’s previous stance, however our residents feel that this is the only way to remain zoned for Myers Park High while also meeting the goals of Phase II Student Reassignment Plan.

The Chantilly Education Committee encourages you to review and consider all alternatives proposed, including the also strongly supported request to be zoned for Oakhurst STEAM, McClintock Middle, and East Meck High.  This keeps all students from Oakhurst STEAM Academy together feeding to one middle school and also provides our children with an academic equivalent to Myers Park High.

In looking at all proposed high school zoning changes within the Phase II Proposal, no other zoning recommendation poses such dramatic, negative effects as the proposed move from Myers ParkHigh to Garinger High. Our neighborhood and families are most strongly supportive of the two alternatives that either zone our children for Myers Park High or East Meck High.  At this point, our neighborhood would like to clearly state that all Chantilly families will adamantly oppose sending our children to Garinger High.

As a neighborhood, we ask that you please reconsider the Phase II Proposal of rezoning the Chantilly neighborhood to Garinger High, but instead maintain our current high school designation of Myers Park High or rezone Chantilly for East Meck High.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration on this matter.


Chantilly Education Committee”

The Education Committee wanted to take a moment to provide an update on work that has been done since the CMS School Board work session earlier this week. We reached out to our representative, Tom Tate, and met with him Saturday, May 20th, to discuss concerns and to gauge how he anticipates things going at the vote later this week. He had a copy of the proposal from CMS that was sent over Friday which outlines all of the recommendations that will be voted on next week. Unfortunately, our request to be changed to the paired Billingsville/Cotswold Elementaries, Alexander Graham Middle, Myers Park High feeds was not included as part of the recommendations the Board will receive. The recommendation is being left as it was in the original proposal where our neighborhood will go from Oakhurst STEAM Academy to Eastway Middle and on to Garinger High School. Based on Tom’s conversations with other Board members, no one was willing to consider moving us from Oakhurst STEAM to the paired Billingsville/Cotswold Elementaries. During this meeting we reiterated to Tom that families in Chantilly would not send their kids to Garinger High and would instead find other high school options. We also expressed our disappointment that CMS has no short-term or long-term plans for improving Garinger High other than to add students from a higher SES.

At this point, we encourage all neighbors to contact the following School Board members to express their concerns and disapproval with the current plan:
Tom Tate, District 4: tom.tate@cms.k12.nc.us
Mary McCray, Chairperson At-Large: maryt.mccray@cms.k12.nc.us
Elyse Dashew, Vice-Chairperson At-Large: elysec.dashew@cms.k12.nc.us
Ericka Ellis-Stewart, Member At-Large: ericka.ellis-stewart@cms.k12.nc.us.

We also strongly encourage any interested neighbors to sign up to speak at this Wednesday’s School Board meeting. The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 24th at the Government Center (600 East Fourth Street). To sign-up to speak, please call 980-343-5139 option 4. All speakers will be allowed 2 minutes to voice their concerns. The more voices we have, the more impact we can make.

The work of the Education Committee will continue after Wednesday night’s vote. Once a decision has been made by the school board we will continue to work with CMS and the School Board to make the schools assigned to our neighborhood the best they can be. Thanks!


May 21, 2017

Education Update – 5/18

On Tuesday May 16th the CMS board of education held a special 3 hour session to discuss the feedback each board member had received from the communities in each of their districts. The purpose was to provide the entire board with a sense of support or opposition to the various components of the student assignment proposal.

In viewing the entire live stream session, the Board of Education members spent a significant time discussing the proposal from Dilworth/Myers Park to substantially alter the CMS proposal in the changes to Sedgefield elementary, Dilworth elementary, Eastover elementary, Myers Park Traditional, Sedgefield middle, and Alexander Graham middle schools. There was also a significant amount of time discussing the proposed break up of Morehead STEM and the grandfathering of current attendees at all schools.

When it came to the discussion of the Oakhurst STEAM Academy school zone, our district representative, Tom Tate, had little to say. In summary, he stated that the only neighborhood he has heard a strong opinion from was Chantilly. He then stated that he has reviewed our proposal and our plan to shift to Billingsville/Cotswold, AG Middle, and Myers Park High, but as of yet did not have an opinion. He went on to say that if he had to vote right then, he would likely vote in favor of the CMS plan to send our children to Garinger.

On another note, he did point out that he is concerned that even if CMS approves their proposal that our neighborhood will not support it and will find alternatives to sending our kids to Garinger therefore rendering their plan ineffective. This aligns to the feedback we have received from members in our community and represents a real headwind for CMS.

The morning of Wednesday May 17th we reached to out Tom Tate to set up a meeting to discuss his position and emphasize our dissatisfaction with the CMS proposal. We have  yet to hear back. If we do not hear anything by Friday afternoon, the Education Committee plans to send an email to Tom Tate as well as Ann Clark and other members of the Board of Education to clarify our position and to hopefully encourage them to consider an alternative plan.

As we continue to work on behalf of the neighborhood we would encourage all neighbors who are concerned about the CMS proposal to reach out and state their concerns. If you would send emails to us at schools@ichantilly.org we can forward them on to the Board of Education in a consolidated way to illustrate our frustration.

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