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CNA special meeting vote results

2017.05.04 CHARTS Chantilly Education meeting vote results

Slides for presentation at 5/4/2017 7pm Special Meeting

Eduction Committee

Please find a compiled list of some of the key articles pertaining to CMS’ proposed plan to rezone schools for the 18-19 school year.

Charlotte Observer Articles:

  1. New Boundary plan has surprises (4/25/17): http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/education/article146763319.html
  2.  Guide to CMS Boundary plan (4/26/17): http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/education/your-schools-blog/article146840019.html 
  3. Elementary Schools to be paired (4/26/17): https://www.charlotteagenda.com/88830/dilworth-cotswold-elementary-schools-paired-low-income-schools-cms-proposal/
  4. CMS Plan isn’t ready for vote (5/2/17): http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/education/article148046994.html
 Petition to delay vote until November, when 6 of 9 Board seats come available for vote: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/delaythevote-2

List of school and their letter grade: https://www.charlotteagenda.com/64666/every-cms-school-2016-letter-grade/

CMS website sources:

  1.  School Boundary Changes by School: http://www.cms.k12.nc.us/cmsdepartments/StudentPlacement/PlanningServices/20172018StuAsgnReview/Pages/Boundary-Changes-by-School.aspx
  2. Short version of Student Reassignment Review: http://www.cms.k12.nc.us/sites/agenda/Lists/Agenda%20Items/Attachments/4432/SAR%20Phase%20II%20Recommendations%204.25.17.pdf
  3. Comprehensive CMS Assignment Review: http://www.cms.k12.nc.us/cmsdepartments/StudentPlacement/PlanningServices/20172018StuAsgnReview/Documents/SAR%20Proposals%20-%20Board%20Binder.pdf

WSOC News Stories:

  1. Chantilly parents considering options in wake of new CMS boundary lines (5/4/17): http://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/chantilly-parents-considering-options-in-wake-of-new-cms-boundary-lines/519250578 
  2. Neighborhood calls emergency meeting about CMS’ student assignment plan (4/27/17): http://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/neighborhood-calls-emergency-meeting-about-cms-student-assignment-plan/516945783 

May 4, 2017 Special Meeting results

2017.05.04 CHARTS Chantilly Education meeting vote results


Please see the note below with the questions as formed by the Education Committee….

As described previously, the Chantilly Neighborhood Association requested interested neighbors to meet Friday, April 28, 2017 to form an education committee. Three board members were also in attendance.

Two neighbors accepted the roles as committee co-chairs: Andy Sontag and Meagan Allen-Slattery. Other neighbors who formed the committee are as follows: Crystal Furr, Katie Sontag, Abe Wehmiller, Jennifer and Garrett Borden, Katie and Jonathan Stafford, Jason Boyles, Helen Fowler, John Mullally, Jason Martin, Amy Albright, Amy and Chris Grubb, Molly Putnam, Matthew Kirk, Sally Jenkins, Kristin McDonald, Laurie Fisher, Rachel Frazier, Lori Suess, and Chip Jetton.

That committee was asked to appoint chairpersons and otherwise frame the options neighbors would like the neighborhood to adopt as the position of CNA with the CMS board. Those neighbors have also been asked to help educate other neighbors as to their positions.

At a special meeting this THURSDAY May 4 at 7 pm, all Chantilly neighbors are asked to attend a meeting to determine the position of a majority of neighbors. The vote will be by secret, written ballot after an opportunity to present all four options has been made, but no later than 7:40. This will allow votes to be tallied and commentary by neighbors following the vote as to next steps.

To accommodate this schedule, the Board as agreed the meeting will be run as follows:

A total of thirty minutes of presentations by Andy Sontag as to each position – pros and cons per input from the Education Committee. A brief question and answer period will follow each presentation – but limited to questions only rather than opinions or advocacy at that time.  Andy will be given a brief slot at the end of the presentations to state his opinion.

Neighbors who wish to state opinions at the meeting, but do not wish to consult with members of the Education Committee in advance, will be asked to sign up for one of ten, one-minute slots on a first-come basis before the meeting begins.  Those opinion slots will immediately precede the vote.

If you have a special interest in one of the positions and believe you could make an effective presentation, please consult with Andy and Meagan at schools@iChantilly.org. Please also suggest written materials to them that might be made available on the website and distributed to all neighbors in advance of the special meeting and vote.  Please also speak to one of your committee members about other information or issues you want raised during the presentations.  Most importantly, reach out to your neighbors and encourage everyone to attend and vote this Thursday.

If you have not done so, please renew your membership at www.iChantilly.org/membership. Regardless, all verified Chantilly neighbors are welcome to vote at the special neighborhood meeting next Thursday, one vote per household, with no proxies.  This meeting will be in lieu of the second quarter meeting previously scheduled for June 2017.

Again, while perhaps not meeting the needs of every neighbor, the goal of this process is to provide a forum for neighbors to respectfully engage with each other and for your CNA to know the consensus of the neighborhood. We hope every neighbor, with children in your home or not, will attend next Thursday, May 4 at 7 pm to listen to all positions and cast a ballot.

Message from the Education Committee:
On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, Superintendent Ann Clark presented a proposal to the CMS Board of Education outlining several adjustments to school boundaries across the district. Along with many other communities, Chantilly stands to be impacted by having our designated high school change from Myers Park High School to Garinger High School. The CMS Board of Education will be voting for or against this proposal on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.
Prior to the Board of Education vote, there will be community meetings and public hearings held by Superintendent Ann Clark and the Board of Education to address community concerns and provide further information on this proposal. In preparation for these meetings, several Chantilly neighbors met to form a Chantilly Education Committee this past Friday, April 28, 2017. This committee was created to serve as the voice of our community. During the April 28th meeting, the committee discussed Superintendent Clark’s proposal, the potential impact on our community, and also explored and outlined several alternatives to this proposal.
The Chantilly Education Committee determined four options to be explored as alternatives to Superintendent Clark’s proposal. This Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 7:00 pm at Chantilly Hall, the Education Committee would like to share the details of these four options with our Chantilly neighbors. Following this presentation, each household will have an opportunity to cast one vote, choosing the option that will be best for your family. Below are brief descriptions of each option; please note, each option will be described in detail during this week’s presentation.

Option 1) Request that the proposed CMS boundary adjustments be rejected in order to maintain our current school progression of Oakhurst Elementary, Eastway Middle School, and Myers Park High School.

Option 2) Request our neighborhood be rezoned sending children to the Billingsville/Cotswold paired elementary schools, Alexander Graham Middle School, and Myers Park High School

Option 3) Our neighborhood maintains the current designated elementary school of Oakhurst STEAM, however requests to feed from Oakhurst STEAM to McClintock Middle School and East Mecklenburg High School.

Option 4) Make no request to alter the CMS school boundary proposal sending children to Oakhurst STEAM, Eastway Middle School, and Garinger High School. Request that CMS provides a comprehensive plan for future school improvement.

(Update 5/4/2017)

Special meeting vote results

2017.05.04 CHARTS Chantilly Education meeting vote results

Neighbors – please see the PowerPoint slides of the Education Committee presentation in advance of the vote this evening (Thursday, 5/4/2017).  Each segment will have a question and answer session – questions only, please.

The Special Meeting starts at 7:00 pm Chantilly Hall.  Votes will be by secret ballot – no proxies.  Voting is open to any confirmed Chantilly resident, but we ask you to please renew your CNA membership.  Neighbors who wish to speak, but who have not engaged with the Education Committee in advance are asked to sign up for one of ten, one-minute slots on a first-come basis.

Please click on the image to see the slides, below

Eduction Committee


This evening (Thursday, April 27, 2017), a majority of your Chantilly Neighborhood Association board members met to discuss how the neighborhood might best address the recent CMS Superintendent proposals for Mecklenburg County. The School Board plans to hold a public hearing on May 9 and vote May 24. A link to the CMS website with those proposals can be found here: http://bit.ly/2oRqJjm

As has happened in recent Chantilly history, these proposals have caused concern, fear and even anger for some residents. As a result, an informed, reasoned discussion – online and sometimes in-person – can be challenging. However, it is the goal of your CNA to provide a venue for a calm discussion with your neighbors about this issue.

In addition to hosting a forum for neighbors, it is also your CNA’s goal to determine what the majority of our neighbors believe is the best course of advocacy. Regardless how an individual neighbor may choose to advocate, a voice through your CNA would be helpful for the position that prevails.

Recognizing the requirements of our bylaws as well as the demanding timetable of these events, your board announces a special neighborhood meeting seven (7) days from today at Chantilly Hall – Thursday May 4, 2017 – 7 pm.

Neighbors will be asked to hear volunteer speakers, make comments, then vote by secret ballot as to what position the CNA should adopt in the school zoning debate. The meeting will be limited to one hour, with voting complete with enough time to tally and announce results before 8 pm. As discussed below, neighbors will be asked to volunteer in advance of that meeting to help frame the discussion and present materials (in advance – as well as at the meeting) for neighbors to consider.

The board asks any neighbor who is interested in shaping this debate to meet to form a committee tomorrow, Friday April 28, 2017 at 7 pm at Chantilly Hall. Any interested neighbor who is interested in joining the committee is encouraged to attend.

The mission of the committee will be to determine what proposals the neighborhood will vote on at the special meeting next Thursday. The committee will be asked to present those proposals to the board – then they will be published to the neighborhood at the end of this weekend (NLT Monday evening) so neighbors have enough time to consider their views in advance of the special meeting.

Hopefully, neighbors of goodwill with different opinions on this issue will volunteer to work with the committee. The committee’s task will be short-lived, but important to frame the issues for the neighborhood – even though that same committee may be firmly divided on the issues.

The first task of this committee will be to select one or more chairpersons. At least one member of your CNA board will also be present, but the chairperson(s) will be selected by the neighbors present at tomorrow’s meeting. That committee would be free to meet on whatever schedule over the weekend to develop the language for the neighborhood’s vote. Neighbors who cannot attend tomorrow, but wish to still participate with committee members over the weekend are asked to email schools@iChantilly.org. Those names of interested volunteers will be provided to the committee chairperson(s).

If you have not done so, please renew your membership at www.iChantilly.org/membership. Regardless, all verified Chantilly neighbors are welcome to vote at the special neighborhood meeting next Thursday, one vote per household, with no proxies.

This meeting will be in lieu of the second quarter meeting previously scheduled for June 2017.

Again, while perhaps not meeting the needs of every neighbor, the goal of this process is to provide a forum for neighbors to respectfully engage with each other and for your CNA to know the consensus of the neighborhood. We hope every neighbor, with children in your home or not, will attend next Thursday, May 4 at 7 pm to listen to all positions and cast a ballot.

Rick Winiker
CNA Board President 2016-17

Ps. Jonathan Story and I plan to resign and not seek re-appointment of our positions (Treasurer and President) by the September 2017 anniversary date. While we hope to continue to serve the neighborhood as board members, we ask for neighbors interested in joining the CNA board to email secretary@iChantilly.org

Thank you for the wonderful turnout of neighbors at the March 14th CNA meeting!  Please find materials from the meeting:

  • PowerPoint slides from the March meeting here

  • CDOT Presentation to CNA at the March meeting here

Our next CNA meeting will be held on June 13th. Until then, we hope to see everyone at the Spring Fling on May 20th!

The annual Chantilly Spring Fling will be held on Saturday, May 20th at 4:00PM in Chantilly Park. This is the perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors.

Updates from June meeting

Please join us for the next meeting, Tuesday, September 13, 2016 7:00 pm at Chantilly Hall

Please find powerpoint slides from the June meeting here


Please see StormWater Services presentation about the Briar Creek Restoration Project at Chantilly here

2016 Chantilly Ecological Sanctuary at Briar Creek



Make plans to run or volunteer at the Hilly Chantilly 5k, Sunday, October 2, 2016 1:00 pm

2016 Hilly Chantilly

Come one – come all to the June meeting

We will make it short so you can enjoy your summer, but packed with information, plans and discussion:

2016 meeting June flyer

Neighbors, please note the next neighborhood meeting will be TUESDAY, December 15, 2015 at Chantilly Hall (2101 Shenandoah Ave) at 7 pm.  As always, neighborhood meetings are guaranteed to be one hour or less!

Our program will include:

  • County Stormwater Services will discuss the Briar Creek restoration project – construction will begin 2016

  • City Arborist Tim Porter will be there to discuss tree canopy health and new trees to be planted in 2016 in city right-of-way spots

  • Dave Cable, director of TreesCharlotte, will discuss an event February 27, 2016 – for Grier Heights, Chantilly, and Elizabeth Neighborwoods – 150 free trees to neighbors who volunteer.  Click here for more information

  • Look for an email this weekend to all verified neighborhood association neighbors with a survey question:  Do you believe the Chantilly Neighborhood Association should explore the possibility of establishing a Train Horn Quiet Zone at the Pecan Avenue and Bascom Street crossings?    Survey results will be announced at the neighborhood meeting (Go to iChantilly.org to confirm your membership – CNA is now a section 501(c)(3) organization)

  • Also a brief appearance from the director of Catawba Riverkeepers to discuss steps we can take to help protect our creeks and streams

Don’t forget – Oakhurst STEAM Academy open house is Monday, December 14th from 10am – 11:30am

Next cleanup day: Saturday, December 19th – 9:30 AM at the Corner of Bascom & Shenandoah

Register now for discounted race fees for the 30th annual Elizabeth 8k race – elizabeth8k.com

Click here to see the Chantilly Winter 2015 Newsletter


See you Tuesday!

Chantilly Logo

Happy Halloween!

Your Chantilly Neighborhood Association is happy to announce the 16th Annual Maddie Healy Halloween Parade,

Saturday October 31 – lineup begins at 4:30 pm at 2441 Shenandoah Ave.  Chantilly Halloween Parade 2014

It is a great time, featuring police and firetrucks –  neighbors handing out candy along the parade route – and a pizza party at Chantilly Hall

Who is Maddie Healy?  Come meet her! This is a wonderful neighborhood tradition along Shenandoah Ave that has organically grown since Maddie was a young girl – with an energetic mother, Ruth -that celebrates the great spirit of the neighborhood and is great fun for kids of all ages.


Please click on the attachment for instructions to make your reservations for pizza – please email Genevieve social@iChantilly.org if you are willing to help volunteer to setup or takedown.  See you Saturday, October 31!


If you have not yet joined your neighborhood association, it’s not too late – Click here for links to joining, as well as past newsletters
2015 JPEG Halloween Flyer

Chantilly’s 3rd annual neighborhood yard sale will be held on Saturday, October 10th, 2015 from 8am – 12pm. Yard sale

If you are interested in participating, please email Julie you name, the address where your sale will be held, and your telephone number.  This information is required when she applies for the yard sale permits downtown.  She will pick the permits up and deliver them to you on the Friday before the sale.

We ask that each participating address contribute a total of $15.  This amount covers the cost of the permit ($5.00), the cost of the yard sale signs as well as the cost for maps that will  indicate the location of all the sales in the neighborhood.  Each house will receive these maps to hand out to their customers.  The remaining amount will be donated to the Chantilly Neighborhood Association.

In addition to the yard sale signs, which will be hung in the neighborhood and at nearby intersections, we will also advertise the yard sale on Craigslist, Nextdoor and yard sale websites.

You may drop off your cash or check to me at 2316 Shenandoah Avenue.  Please make your checks payable to Chantilly Neighborhood Association.

Thank you

Julie Brookhart


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